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Life Frequencies Physical Therapist's Story

Hello, I’m a physical therapist and I would like to share my first Life Frequencies research experience, with you with a patient named Bill. Here is a little background to Bill's circumstances and symptoms effected by your program.

Approximately fifteen years ago Bill, a retired public servant, was riding a motorcycle in the after noon, when a young girl driving a SUV ran a stop sign and ran Bill down. Bill landed the bike with a few broken ribs they think, but the car behind Bill didn't see Bill go down, as the driver was adjusting his radio and looked away for just a few seconds,he ran over Bill, landing Bill with legs behind his head. His head and face was so swollen the first officer in the scene, who knew Bill, didn't recognize him.

The damage was so severe that the doctors are still amazed Bill is alive. As a result of the accident, Bill had a closed head injury, amputated leg, shoulder prosthesis, severe damage to the biracial pl exes, causing chronic and acute medial nerve pain to the left arm and hand, and internal injuries, resulting in, as I generally understand it, Bill's stomach not fully emptying into the bowels, resulting in bloating and backs up, causing septic, toxicity & chronic infection.

Having to be catheterized, contributes to a chronic,infection which contributes to the severe infection, every year or two. Bill's last bout with this infection was approximately a month ago. The Dr. has to let the infection get severe before he can give Bill antibiotics. Because of the stress antibiotics are to our body, finally the Doctor said no more antibiotics, no matter what. Bill suddenly had pneumonia within minutes receiving a dose of antibiotics in the emergency room, last month. I'm thinking that may be why no more antibiotics were allowed. They called the family in, Bill is recovering now.

Though always in pain and always with infection, I am aware of  Bill's day to day pain and discomfort, because I am his Massage Therapist. Bill's Doctor writes Rx. for MT. 3 times a week for pain management. I use cold laser led light, far infra-red healing, MFR, NMT, PNF st reaches, and more with Bill as needed and tolerated.

I am quite effective at managing Bill's pain. If we miss a session, the nerve pain becomes acute. Though effective, no matter what I do their are hard days to good days, but never light arm & hand, pain free days. I begin each session with, how's your body today, and Bill describes it in several ways, screaming bad and stabbing, being when Bill calls me to come over stat. Anything else is between that and normal pain. Bill doesn't or didn't expect any less pain than that.

I'm sorry for going on so long, but I'm not close to all of the detail of Bill's constant pain and discomfort. I just know without some of the details you won't appreciate the magnitude of the benefit of Life Frequencies to Bill, or how much I  / WE appreciate you and your work.

This is how the research on the effect of  Life Frequencies on Bill with his permission and the permission of his Power of Attorney. In addition to, all continued treatments prescribed by Bill's doctors. It was one of Bill's care giver's “Hurry up - he is in so much pain he could scream, and the very strong pain medicine his doctor prescribes for this pain isn't helping!” calls. I ran the pain frequencies, (sound ) using headphones, on Bill's head at the superior edge of the ears and placed them at the pain sights and potential trigger points for area of Bill's referred pain, while using heat, cold laser, gentle NMT, & MFR.

The only thing I did different from any other session, (in which Bill gets considerable pain relief, and management) I used, Life Frequencies. When Bill's pain began to subside and he was relaxing usually I ask Bill to describe the current pain. When we started Bill's left arm, most acute from the forearm through the whole hand, Bill's response was “The only thing I feel is pain in this area of my hand”, pointing from the edge below the pinkie to mid palm.

I worked a little longer, continuing prescribed techniques and Life Frequencies. Bill's reply was no pain, just some funny feeling in the same area of hand where the pain was a few minutes ago! After the session, I was in the other room talking with Bill's care giver ,when Bill came rolling in to the room, and spoke words I have never heard from him since the accident, - “No Pain!!”  and gently clapped his hands.

As of last night's session Bill has sensation, but no pain in left arm and hand. YES!!!!! Thank You! Bill is becoming aware of other areas of pain that he wasn't aware of before. Perhaps do to previous more severe chronic pain. Bill, as well as his family and Power of Attorney have asked me to continue research of the effects of on Bill's symptoms, while continuing 100% of all of doctors care and treatment, as always.

I have been taking the program to work with Bill a couple times a week, continuing to research the effects that sound frequencies have on Bill's symptoms. Remember the reason I began to frantically look for homoeopathic solutions for Bill, keeping in mind all of his considerable limitations and restrictions, is the prospect of no more antibiotics. This prompted the panic search that led me to the Life Frequencies program.

I have been running a few other frequencies with Bill. Bill's Doctor made a statement Bill never expected to hear. “THERE IS NO INFECTION IN YOUR BLOOD!!!” The only thing new to any of Bill's treatments, is LIFE FREQUENCIES!

Thank you for so much for generously sharing your gift and your hard work. Thank you and everyone working with you for sharing what must be a large piece of your life with us, generously& affordable.


The Happy Therapist

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