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A Few bztronics Customer Comments / Reviews

Just to let you know, I've been involved using Rife equipment in research for many, many years. More than I would like to admit. I've owned multiple kinds of equipment and also built my own over the last 30 years. But, I believe if Dr. Rife were here with us today he would be using all available technologies to accomplish his goals, including software.

I've found your software extremely easy to use and to obtain results equal to or better than equipment selling for thousands of dollars. I use it almost daily in my practice.

I have presently used your software with over 400 individuals. All have positive results, some with unbelievable recoveries."

Dr. G. Wilson  - PhD, MH, ND

Life Frequencies Has Given Me My ‘Life’ Back

Surgery has never been an personal option nor an ‘End-All’ solution through out my life’s experiences, yet surgery was rapidly becoming the only way to resolve the increasing numbness and loss of strength in my wrists and forearms; at least according to nurses and others, who had dealt with similar problems I had spoken with.

Computer graphics, guitar and piano playing had really taken their toll on my wrists over the years and I was literally faced with how I was going to make a living [Computer Graphics] and would I be able to continue playing music...Art and Music, being the two joys, loves and the only things I know to do in life.

The answer to these problems for me came when the greatest of friends introduced me to a ‘Miracle in a Keystroke’, via my own computer! The very first session reinstated frequencies in the cells in my wrists, relieving all numbness and weakness, giving me back my wrists, God’s Honest Truth! My ‘Life’ has been given back to me literally. Without surgery, without on going medical bills, without scar tissue to contend with...there’s no way to put a price on that...

THANK YOU! THIS IS GIANT!!! - Gene E.  Salt Lake City

I have degenerative disk disease and a few torn disks. I have been suffering for over 30 years and pain medications just don't work. I tried TBSW and had instant pain relief. It's a Godsend and anyone with chronic pain should have it!

Michael K. - New York

A few weeks ago I downloaded the Rife program onto my computer. I suffer from MS and the tremors are hard to take. After running the tremors freq, I am finding relief.  I am so excited about this and thank you!

Mary Jane Lizut

Hello, I’ve just downloaded your software and I had to email a thank you. An old friend told me to download this and I’m glad he did! Thank you for making it affordable! This product is the real deal. I have been using it for only a half hour and I already feel the effectiveness of these frequencies.

THANK YOU for this software...You get my gold star!

Ki Farland

WOW! After months of reading all kinds of materials I was delighted with your lower price and ease of understanding of your product.

My WOW is because I used your preset for brown recluse spider on a spider I just caught. Fall is “rife” with spiders in Alabama. I doubt it is (was) a brown recluse.

 I ran many different frequencies – all far away from the BRS presets. The little spider was lively and active. Then, I ran your BRS preset!  I believe his demise was quick and hopefully painless – but he curled up tight on the first frequency, showed a little movement on the second, but definitely gave it up on the 3rd freq.

Wow is the only word that fits here.

Bill Chenoweth, Alabama

I am a holistic wellness practitioner and musician and have been using Life Frequencies for several years now to incorporate sound healing into my music and wellness work. To be honest, I have seen some things that are really amazing in using your products - specially, I have seen very aggressive cancers go into remission when Western doctors did not have hope - twice!

When working with humans, I know that people often wonder "how do you know this wasn't just the placebo effect?" So recently I had the opportunity to use sound healing with my parrots. One in particular had been traumatized by mice sneaking into the cage at nice to steal food, and so I began using some of the relaxation frequencies with him, and discovered that he responded well to them.

I am very pleased to say that he is showing signs of recovery and I am pretty sure he had no expectations for how this would work since he did not know I was using them.

I am very grateful to your company for making an accessible product that is so beneficial to the world.

William Kelley,  PhD. - Vermont

I have been a Lyme / Morgellons sufferer for 2 1/2 years now and endured the initial 4 months assuming I was under a bed bug attack. How this all transpired is irrelevant but to say it came from a guest in my home, at least in part. My neighbor noticed the state of my body, slathered in oil, and asked if I might think of trying Rife therapy.

Not knowing what that was, it set me on a course of research and conversations with multiple physicists who make their own version of this machine. Ultimately, the same neighbor directed me to a local Naturopathic Dr. who treated with her own, physical machines. So it has gone for 2 1/2 years during which I "bartered" with her to help in her clinic for free treatments. They were becoming out-of-reach financially with the astounding costs of various treatments and medications I needed to buy. I must emphasize ---- this treatment works on every level, providing people do not expect the "magic bullet" effect, which frankly does not exist anywhere including traditional medicine.

I have learned virtually a college equivalent of the impact of pathogens in the body and Morgellons is all about parasites/super-parasites and their 24/7 attack on all levels of the body. There are astronomical advances in micro-biology, many of which do not bode well for human health and once in the body can evade detection by the immune system and for which there is no cure.  This is one of the most unique and amazing qualities of the Rife therapy: it is so deep in penetration and its characteristics so "one-off" that medication is dwarfed by its abilities.  It only impacts the diseased, weak and pathogenically abundant things destroying the body and I LOVE IT!!!

Now, here's the rub: I cannot even begin to afford my own machine and that is on average between $2,500 - $7,000!  Then comes a friend who has done her homework as she and her husband need the treatments daily.  This brought the Life Frequencies into my life and the quality of my life and speed of healing has so exponentially increased that I cannot even say "thank you" to this company sufficiently.  Life Frequencies software has now made it possible for everyone to have their own little "clinic" in their home.

I urge everyone to run, not walk, to obtain this. I will be purchasing several licensing packages for my precious friends out there suffering with Morgellons and Lyme, as well.

Nancy Levy


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