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bztronics makes Life Frequencies Software and computer-based Rife Machines. The systems here will change your health and life for the better.

"For over 10 years, Life Frequencies programs have been a major cornerstone in alternative health!"

Whats New

A couple of months ago we released the latest version of Life Frequencies. We've already received numerous emails on the magnificent results people are getting. Thanks for all of your feedback and keep the emails coming!

  • Rife Pro X2 owners - Click the Version Tab in your program and the Upgrade to Life Frequencies button. You'll be happy you did!

* Once the programs are activated, you don't need an Internet connection to run them. So they can be run in remote areas on a laptop, or even when the power is out.

Product Spotlight

Life Frequencies Pro 2

NEW - Life Frequencies (2017)

Life Frequencies Systems are the future of health.

For years Life Frequencies have helped people overcome health problems, addictions, pain and so much more. The new Life Frequencies can do the same thing for YOU today...

Life Frequencies is the latest Frequency Therapy System available and it's easy for anyone to use.

Life Frequencies is a combination of years of research and proven technologies. You'll see real results with Life Frequencies, even when other treatment methods have entirely failed.

We live in a time where stress is high, and we're surrounded by fast-paced technology. These elements alone lend to health complications. Life Frequencies deals with the initial health problems and the issues that come along with them.

Life Frequencies doesn't require the Internet to run frequencies. So if you're in West Africa dealing with Ebola or in Nepal looking for the Yeti - Life Frequencies has your health concerns covered.

The New Life Frequencies has :

  • Rife Machine X7 - the world's most advanced, powerful Rife Machine with 1142 Fast Rife Presets and Scalar Waves
  • Manual Rife - Enter any frequencies you like and run them in several modes
  • Structuring - Structure water and oils with frequencies to make your own remedies
  • TBSW Pro - You can use TBSW Waves for pain relief, insomnia, weight loss, stress relief and more
  • Chakra Tools - Energy balancing and health system to revive your energy centers. Feel 20 years younger...
  • Ancient Tones - Special healing frequencies and waveforms used throughout the history of making
  • Sweep Generator - Find new healing frequencies!

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